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Lumabas na ang A Second Chance sa mga sinehan.
Maya't maya pa'y Star Wars naman.
Pagkatapos MMFF naman ang dudumugin ng bayan.
Milyon na ang umaabang sa AlDub kung tanghalian.
Sa dinami-dami ng nangyari na parang kailan lang...
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Babalik na... pramis!

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<![CDATA[WALEY NA JOKES | EPISODE 171:]]>Fri, 10 Jul 2015 11:17:30 GMThttp://xambayan.weebly.com/home/waley-na-jokes-episode-171WALEY MAGAWEY SA BUHEY - MGA WALEY NA JOKES

Juan: Ang lakas talaga ng loob ni Karding! Biro mo, tumalon siya sa lumilipad na eroplano nang walang parachute!

Pedro: 'Di nga?! Saan mo naman nabalitaan yan?

Juan: Doon sa burol nya!

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<![CDATA[The mutuality of Man and Nature: A Look at Same-sex marriage from another View]]>Sun, 28 Jun 2015 08:19:28 GMThttp://xambayan.weebly.com/home/the-mutuality-of-man-and-nature-a-look-at-same-sex-marriage-from-another-viewThe Event that Created Rainbows:

Following the June 26th news that the United States of America has legalized same-sex marriage countywide, millions of people around the world celebrated especially the LGBT community for this "victorious" event. Here in the Philippines, a country dominated by Roman Catholicism and democracy the people had mixed reactions. Those supportive of the U.S. decision have been adding "rainbow filters" to their online photos, while others dominated the comments section of online articles and shared a piece of their dismay in the said ruling. According to an online article from Rappler.com, 7 out of 10 Filipinos oppose same-sex marriage. For a country where Roman Catholicism has been firmly rooted for centuries, it is no surprise that these results reflect highly on what the majority of us Filipinos think.
Above: When searching for terms such as "LGBT" and "same sex marriage", a special Google search design appears. (screencap via google.com)
Now, everyone has their own say in the issue. 
There are positive, there are negative, and there are out-of-this world take like ours.

Stay Calm and Keep It Together:

Before reading any further, remember that the same-sex marriage issue has been a little sensitive right from the start. Now in order for us not the explode in rage (or extreme joy), we have to keep an open mind and try to view the issue from both sides. The Xambayan Team tried to view it from another view - that is, Mother Earth's perspective.

The Mutuality of Man and Nature:

And so, we present our theory. This may be taken as a simple and weird analysis, or as a serious life-changing theory. Either way, kwentong inuman lang siguro ang aabutin neto, but we mean no insult or harm to anyone who are Pro- and Anti-Same-sex marriage.

Remember that Earth is facing multiple crises. Worldwide threats such as animal extinction, global warming, and the quest for renewable energy has been going on for years. One such threat is OVERPOPULATION. The Philippines is 12th among the most populated countries (Source via Worldometers) with a total population of around 101,800,000 Million (as of this article's posting), which is around one-third of the population of United States. The Philippines is getting crammed, and we are not slowing down our population growth any time soon. Several ideas on countering overpopulation has been pitched by various people, from simple Family Planning, to Dan Brown's fertility control in Inferno, to negative outlooks in the quest to prolong life. The Philippines is quite small. Our resources, getting smaller. What could be a good solution? Here's one: Same-sex marriage. 


Indeed. Our numbers are getting higher and our resources are getting lower. Paano nasama yung same-sex marriage dito? Just imagine: same-sex marriage gets legalized here in the Philippines. Of course they are committed. They would want children. But those of different sexes cannot procreate by natural means. If they want kids, one of the less costly options available in the country is adoption. Again, they cannot give birth to a child through natural means. Basically, reproduction got the shorter stick in this scenario. If there would be around 30% of us Filipinos marrying the same sex, that would help lower the birth rate and help reduce the population growth of the country. Hello, positive effects.

As a conclusion, we say: the increase of people in the LGBT community may be a side-effect of the growing population growth. Nature has its natural means of protecting itself - storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes - help Earth maintain its balance and retain its ability to support life. Embedded in us, in a minuscule possibility, is the social ability to help Mother Nature. Searching for the same sex for partners may give those concerned the happiness and fulfillment they need, and unbeknownst to them, a subconscious thought that could save Earth from its ballooning human population.

(c) Xambayan 2015
<![CDATA[Meet the Tesla Powerwall]]>Fri, 22 May 2015 07:20:59 GMThttp://xambayan.weebly.com/home/meet-the-tesla-powerwall
     The call for widespread use of renewable energy has been going on for years, yet we still use nonrenewable resources (fossil fuels) to produce most of our modern-day needs, such as electricity. Tesla has stepped forward and announced its latest innovation in the utilization of renewable energy, the Powerwall. The latest from Tesla further enhances our capabilities in harnessing Solar energy. It is basically a giant rechargeable battery that mounts on... yep, your wall! 

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<![CDATA[The Doris B. experience]]>Fri, 24 Apr 2015 09:29:59 GMThttp://xambayan.weebly.com/home/the-doris-b-experienceThe Confrontation

"The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia", as what Richard Lim writes it. The recent issue about reporter Doris Bigornia and the confrontation with Richard Lim went viral after a video of the said event was uploaded on YouTube. Netizens expressed their disapproving reactions to Doris and her kids in the video, who seemed to act high and mighty instead of talking calmly to resolve the issue. Both sides have now been expressed, Doris Bigornia has apologized in the television, although the whole mess wouldn't have blown into a huge mess if only things were settled more peacefully.

A link to an article from Inquirer can be found here.

The Force Awakens

After watching the video, I can see where the discontent of many came from. Many have targeted the newscaster's (Ms. Doris Bigornia) way of handling the situation, which was not really the best thing to do given that you're a public figure that children and the rest of the country can see her in television almost everyday (if they watch the news). Seriously, the bad reaction is not just because she's the Doris Bigornia -- I really don't care much of her. After watching the video, the target was really not on Doris' back - it's on her kids. Watching the video carefully, you couldn't care less about Doris. At some point, her kids had awakened a dark force, especially the brother, who became a fully operational cursing machine. The fight was in English, so it may seem a bit normal, but convert it in a normal everyday family scenario and you can see that all hells went loose on this one.

How the Force Awakened

Let's take a closer look at the video. Richard and Doris were obviously doing their thing, trying to sort it out in their own way. Out of the blue, the daughter, Nikki, interrupted in the exchange. From a Filipino point of view, it's totally wrong. It's the proper time kung saan hindi dapat sumasagot sa matatanda ang mga bataIt's downright disrespectful, and Lim dished out a "Shut up," at Nikki, pointing out na hindi naman siya ang kausap. Point taken. 

Doris seemed to have interpreted it in the wrong way, who then shouted furiously "Lay off my kids!" as a protective mother should do, yet obviously her kid was in the wrong here and she tolerated it. Maybe it's just a one-time act, so sige, palampasin na nga lang natin ito

Sadly, it's the brother's time to shine. A few moments after, the brother of Nikki, Lorenzo Sungalon, burst forth with the Dark Force, excaliming: "What the f*ck is your problem dude? F*ck off? F*CK OFF! You said 'shut up' to my sister, dude!" Okay, NOW we're out of bounds here. Hindi na importante kung sino ang tama o mali sa nangyari sa concert, pero dude, that's low. Disrespectful at all levels. Cursing at people older than you with such tone and arrogance is really, really bad. Wala ka sa lugar para maging asal-tambay diyan. 'Dun pa lang talo ka na. Doris tried to stop him though, interrupting him and saying "Tama na," but it was futile. 

That's the point when things went messed up. Okay pa naman sana eh, pero eto kasi si kuya hindi makalma ang bibig. Ayun, lumala ang usapan. After that doon na nasabi ni Doris ang tungkol sa YouTube video and said that Lim was doing it purposely "because I'm Doris Bigornia, what the hell?" 

Lorenzo added, "kawawa ang anak nya" with a bad tone, then Doris also added that next time, Lim should just "watch a Lea Salonga concert, or better yet - Blackjack." Naku po. Nadamay pa tuloy sina Lea at Blackjack. Tsk tsk. Finally, Nikki, who was missing from the scene for a while came back (pumunta siya sa isang babae na nakita nyang binibidyohan ang mga nangyayari) and told Doris about someone who was taking a video. Doris went for some damage control, as the video ended.

Again, the kids were the ones that screwed things up. Lumala talaga dahil sa inasal nila. Oh well. Moral lesson?
"Mayaman o mahirap, pantay-pantay pa rin tayo. Mayaman man o mahirap, kung bastos ka, pare-pareho kayong bastos. Pantay lang kayo."
Here's another video, which was probably the girl na nilapitan ni Nikki during her off-cam moment dun sa unang video:
Ano'ng masasabi mo, kaXambayan?
<![CDATA[Improved chat/comment system!]]>Mon, 06 Apr 2015 12:42:09 GMThttp://xambayan.weebly.com/home/improved-chatcomment-systemFINALLY, TIME FOR SOME UPGRADE!



<![CDATA[The Buzz goes on hiatus]]>Mon, 06 Apr 2015 12:32:38 GMThttp://xambayan.weebly.com/home/the-buzz-goes-on-hiatus
After 16 years in Philippine television, Sunday showbiz talk-show The Buzz goes off air, as confirmed by the show's host Boy Abunda.Along with co-hosts Kris Aquino and Toni Gonzaga, Abunda explained as to why the show was brought off-air. Abunda mentioned that part of the reason was the changing times - the people behind the show, the audience, and the way show business news were handled have changed. Thus, the team will "take a step back" and look at the bigger picture, with the goal of being able to bring The Buzz into a standard more acceptable in today's time. In the video posted (above), Abunda expressed his sadness that the show was being cancelled. He recalled memorable interviews, thanked the people who brought the show to life, and promised the ever-supportive audience that kept The Buzz alive since 1999 that the showbiz talk-show genre is not yet dead and that the show (in a new revamped format) will return soon.

From a different view

Indeed, as talk-show host Boy Abunda confirmed, the changing times have been a major reason of the hiatus. From the show's point of view, it may have been suffering lower ratings than it had in the past years. Indeed, news (not just showbiz news) has evolved especially in recent years. Now, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been become the primary source of your usual "showbiz chika" and rumors. TV personalities log in to their accounts and update their fans and the rest of the people of the latest happenings in their lives. Confirmation of rumors, big revelations, and other showbiz tidbits have been sourced directly at these sites, making the public immediately aware of these information. This makes the showbiz talk-show lose its grasp on the audience that wants their usual "HOT, FRESH, SHOWBIZ NEWS" served fresh and be the ones to be the first to know the happenings around them.

With the new generation having lesser attention span and patience, the masses would prefer to get their showbiz news from social media as they are constantly updated by the minute by the dedicated page owners and admins. They no longer have to wait until Sunday to get their tsimis, In the end, maybe the only thing that kept the show alive was the Exclusive Interviews made by the show, which are aired before it even gets viral on social media.

Again with these changes, it is indeed unavoidable that the show needs a step back. It needs to update itself and step up into the game. It needs to be able to further work hand in hand with the fast-paced technology -- the internet -- the devices -- the environment.

How will the show modernize itself and step up to today's standards?
Only time can tell... for now.
<![CDATA[Junjun Binay's TRO "Without legal force"]]>Tue, 17 Mar 2015 01:01:53 GMThttp://xambayan.weebly.com/home/junjun-binays-tro-without-legal-forceFrom Twitter via @InaReformina

DOJ: CA TRO on Mayor Binay suspension order is without legal force & effect for being moot & academic

DOJ: CA TRO on Binay suspension can't apply to acts already accomplished, i.e. issuance of Ombudsman order & its implementation by DILG

<![CDATA[January 17th, 2015]]>Fri, 16 Jan 2015 07:51:31 GMThttp://xambayan.weebly.com/home/january-17th-2015]]>